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What Are Your Hours Of Operation?

We are in the office Monday – Friday from 9-5pm.  However, we do a lot of work on weekends when time constraints demand it – especially during tax season.  We typically do not hold meetings on weekends.  If you have a need for contact with us over the weekend, please send an email.


Do I Need Bookkeeping?

Bookkeeping is important for several reasons. First it is used as a tool in your businesses tax preparation. By keeping accurate records of your income and expenses you ensure taxes are paid only on your true net income. Bookkeeping also allows you to keep a picture of how much your business earns and what you spend your money on. Having this info can assist you with setting future goals for profitability and/or sales. Having an accurate set of financials is imperative when attempting to secure business loans or establish business credit. In the event of an IRS audit, bookkeeping can be well worth the expense as IRS requires accurate financial records to be maintained. One last reason, by freeing up time you would spend trying to put together your financials will allow you to concentrate on running your business.


Do I Need Payroll?

If you are incorporated as an S Corporation, the IRS requires you to run a payroll. In addition, if you pay someone to do work for your business you become responsible for deducting payroll taxes based on wages earned. These taxes are then required to be paid to IRS and State agencies. Payroll reports are required to be filed quarterly and annually. Payroll processing is time consuming and often confusing. By outsourcing your payroll, you will have more free time and be less worried about whether you are in compliance with ever changing rules associated with payroll.


How Does The Billing Work?

All our packages are free to get started as we get to know each other and ensure a great fit before any billing takes place.  Once you have decided on the package that is right for you, we will send a Credit Card Authorization Form along with your business owner package contract allows us to run your credit card each month at the agreed upon rate.  We want to be flexible so you can pick the day it bills each month if desired.  Once set up, it will automatically recur each month with no further action needed.


How Do I Receive My Monthly Financial Work & Tax Returns?

As a business owner, we know how important it is that you have access to all your financial information whenever needed so you will have unlimited access to your QuickBooks Online file with many reporting options you can run anytime.  Our staff will send you monthly financial statements direct to your email on a recurring schedule.

When your tax returns are complete and approved, our office will send you copies of the final return(s) and detailed instructions with how to make payments along with copies of payment vouchers and envelopes for mailing them in.


What Kind Of IRS Help Is Included?

Help with IRS notices and audits is not included in the core package but can be added on to your package if you would like.  With the Audit Defender add on, if you receive any notices from the IRS in relation to work we have performed, we will respond or assist you with a response and resolution at no additional cost.  The only exceptions to this is for notices that relate to tax work we did not do for you. We can assist with that type of work if desired at a VERY reasonable hourly rate.


What Kind of Communication Is Included With the Packages?

Every package comes with limited email communication with our staff.  What this means is that one time per month you can email with your accounting team any questions or concerns you have regarding your financials or tax situation.  If you find you need more frequent advice, we offer an unlimited support add on that is exactly as it sounds; you get unlimited  email, phone and meeting support.

In addition to all of that, 2 times per year our Financial Review Board meets internally to review all aspects of your business from top to bottom.  We’re putting all our resources together in these meetings to determine if we can make any recommendations to help you and your business. You will receive a summary of the meeting and our recommendations after each meeting.


Is The Software Included?

The cost for software systems is not included in the core packages but can be added on if desired.


Do You E-file My Tax Returns?

Yes.  In most cases we will e-file all of your tax returns.  If for any reason we need to paper file, we will notify you of this and hard copies with instructions will be sent to you.


Do Your Accountants Travel To Client Offices To Complete Accounting Work?

No.  Unfortunately in order to keep our costs as low as possible, we do not perform work onsite.  We work very hard to ensure information can pass easily between us and our clients.  Between email, our web portal, and even shared server options, we have streamlined the way we can complete your bookkeeping payroll and tax work.  All designed to be simple for our clients.

So much of our business comes from states outside of Florida.  We have small business clients in almost all 50 of them.  The key to our success here is about communication.  Through technology and our strong focus on client service, we have created a system that works whether you are 30 miles or 3000 miles away from us.


Does A CPA Review Everything?

Yes.  Financial and tax accountants will do the preparation of most accounting work, so as a client, you will have a close relationship with these staff members.  Then before any work is submitted to you, it is all sent to the CPA for review.